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José María Calaforra

Geology Professor – Almería University (UAL)

Foto 1. © Espeleo-Club Almería (ECA), Marzo 2004Miining companies that have been historically working on the South Sector of the “Gypsum Karst of Sorbas-Almería”  (Karst en Yeso de Sorbas-Almería) has decided to put the borders of their mining concessions further than those of the Andalusian Autonomic Comunity.

Attached pictures show that the perimeter worked by this mining business does not respect the limits of the Natural Park (Karst en Yeso de Sorbas). There is not only NO RESPECT, but they let the JUNTA DE ANDALUCIA signs after their own property limits. (pics 1 and 2).We are surprised that Sorbas city Council so as Environmental Legal Dpt. (Delegación de Medio Ambiente) have not yet  began actions for (at least) looking for explanations just after the fence was placed around the exploitation.

foto 2: © Espeleo-Club Almería (ECA), Marzo 2004Also we are surprised that the german company KNAUF or the english BRITISH PLASTER BOARD, placed both in Almería, add  synthetic minerals to their products (specially in their origin countries) and talk meanwhile about an environmental policy on their exploitations.

Getting gypsum (plaster) of natural quarries goes down in western Europe, while in Almería it is continually increasing, Natural Parks included. (surprising environmental policy).

Yet it is more surprising that JUNTA DE ANDALUCIA ENVIRONMENTAL DPT. has recently awarded the enlargement of the quarries.

Meanwhile, the Natural and exclusive caves of Sorbas (Almería-Spain) continues dissapearing. Has any time been announced to the authorities by KNAUFF or BPB that a cave has been intercepted when extracting mineral resources?  See pic 3 (a destroyed natural cave under the exploitation).

foto 3: © Espeleo-Club Almería (ECA), Marzo 2004

Pics: Espeleo Club Almería (March 2004)

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